Day 1 of my training program went well.  For the last eight weeks, the most I had run was 34 minutes, just slightly over 5 km and not paying attention to my pace, as that program suggested.  As I am goal-oriented, I would still keep an eye on that pace.  I could do 5 km at 6:40-7:30 minutes per mile.  For my first day of the 10k training, my pace was to be 6:40 minutes per mile for 6 km. Yikes!

At usual, I did 10 minute intervals, and then did a 1 minute walk break until I hit 6 km.  I used the indoor track at the Grande Prairie Aquatics and Wellness Multiplex – 32 laps!!! At one point, I looked at my lap tracker (currently using tap-a-lap for iPhone) and thought “ARG! 13 laps left?! How the heck am I going to get through this training program when I can hardly get through the first day?!”  But I continued.  And I finished!  It was a great feeling getting through that first day.  It was when I decided to start blogging.  I thought about the fact of how far I’d come.  I thought about my pre-teen/teenage self hating the 1500m run in school.  At that time I never thought I’d be running 4x that and much much faster.   I know some people use picture of models, etc. as their motivation… of course I find that motivating too, but I also find thinking of how far I have come motivating.  I  think teenage self would be pretty disappointed in me if I quit now and I can’t let her down!

So the result? 6.1 km in 40 minutes.