Today, I had hill training scheduled.  I wasn’t looking forward to this run.   I have always avoided any sort of inclines on the treadmill.  I read how you need to run on an incline of 1-2% on a treadmill to make it more like “real” running, but  I never bothered with it. 

Before I go on, you may notice that I will interchange between using kilometers and miles.  I prefer using kilometers, but treadmills use miles.  I am going to use the indoor running track as much as possible, and will use kilometers during those times, but there will be times when I will need to use the treadmill.  As Derek joked, the Multiplex will start sinking and leaning in a few years and I will get my incline on the running track then!

Anyway, this wasn’t any hill training – it was running up hills fast!  My pace was to be 6 mins/km (or 9:40 mins/mi), which translated to 6.2 mph on the treadmill.  Add a 6% incline. Equals a lot of sweat!  And I loved it!!!  They were fairly short “hills,” but I did have to do 4 of them. Including the recovery periods at the end of each hill, it totalled 2 miles total.  The hill runs are scheduled weekly and by the end of March, I will be doubling this run. 

Tomorrow: 6 km steady run, 6:40 mins/km or 10:44 mins/mi.