So as Derek and I pulled up to the Multiplex, I realized I forgot my Garmin watch! Not a huge setback, just annoying.

Then I started to change and realized… “where’s my bra?!?!” Somehow I had forgotten to pack it.  Now that was a major setback.  I definitely do not have the right physique to run without a proper sports bra.

That being said, I had considered a while back writing a blog post about sports bras.  I had a coworker ask me for advice on the topic a little while ago and I couldn’t say enough about the sports bra I purchased.  The best bra I ever bought, was from the Grande Prairie Walk, Run and More store downtown.  I spent $90.00 on it, which seemed high at the time, but so worth it!!!  I believe the exact model is unavailable now, but it is a CWX brand.  The one below looks very similar.

The most amazing bra!!!

Ok, so running was completely out of the question today, unfortunately.  I was looking forward to it! So what’s a girl to do without the proper bra?  Get on the bike!!! (either that or weight training).

I got my butt on a bike and hit the “road”.  Aside from slipping down from the seat every so often (maybe it was too high), I very much enjoyed it and my heart liked it too (held steady around 80% of max).  Hmmm.  Maybe I picked the wrong sport in running?

Here were my stats:







Tomorrow is supposed to be a rest day, but since I didn’t run today, plus the fact I will be away Saturday, it appears we will be hitting the gym in the early hours tomorrow.

PS. Ditched the Tchaikovsky today!