I didn’t have a single “bad run” this week.  I was very tempted to skip my run yesterday (Saturday) as we had a semi-busy day already.  I made myself do it in lieu of cleaning our 2.5 bathrooms.  Good trade!  I wasn’t even super into the run, but I’m glad I did it in the end.  All my runs this week were on the treadmill in our basement.

Week 4 begins today with a 10km long slow distance run.  First, I will need to clean the bathrooms, then run, then get ready to take my son to a bowling birthday party.  Another busy day, but I will squeeze the run in the best I can.  I had my hair done yesterday, so I will have to sacrifice it getting it sweaty.  At least I will not have to use 4 ponytail holders plus a bobby pin to keep it all off my neck and face!

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