Link: Week 4 – Day 1 Long Slow Distance Details


Today was my first 10 km on the treadmill at home.  I wasn’t as bored as I was on the indoor track last week.  I watched three episodes of Coronation Street on Netflix and finished off by listening to the Black Keys (El Camino album – awesome!!!).  Overall, very awesome run.  I do appreciate the Long Slow Distance runs.  It almost feels like I can walk at the required pace!


Going back to boredom… I went to to plot out a 10km run for when the weather gets nice.  I’m pretty confident that running outside will ease some of that boredom.  Here’s the route I plotted:


I watched The Nature of Things on Thursday night.  The episode was “The Perfect Runner.”  Here’s another link:

I found it extremely interesting.  I’m not sure which was more interesting, the anthropology or the biomechanics of running.


I titled this post as “whipping my heart into shape” because in comparing my 10k run last week to today’s run, my heart rate was much more controlled.  Click the thumbnail for the comparison below:

As you will see, my average pace was slightly better, but my average heart rate was drastically better (78% of max vs. 85% of max).  The difference could be watching television vs. listening to music.


As mentioned in my last post, I had my hair cut (long overdue) and managed to go from four ponytail elastics to keep my hair off my sweaty face and neck, to two.  NICE!  And my hair still looked awesome after I finished my run. Yay!

Day off tomorrow… I’m sure my knees will thank me! Yay!