It’s official.  I will be running a race!










I had a great training week this week.  I am glad I re-did this week and I now feel ready for the bump-up in training next week.

Day 1, my Long Slow Distance (10k) was my best 10k yet.  That being said, my average heart rate was 2% higher, but my max heart rate was 3% less than last week.

Day 2, my first Steady Run (6 km) of the week, was great!  Comparing this 6km Steady Run to the last one I did, it’s clear how much better this one was.  My max heart rate this week was actually my average heart rate last time.  Check out the comparison:



Day 3, Hills (7 hills) was pretty good, except I forgot to start my watch!  I remembered after the 2nd hill.  The interesting thing about this run was that my heart rate recovered really well between hills.  I felt like my heart rate sensor wasn’t reading properly, but I’m now thinking it was just fine.

Day 4, my second Steady Run (6km) of the week was great!  Pretty well a repeat of the one on Day 2.  I did not want to run at all this day.  I was feeling pretty crappy overall,  headache and overall blah, but I made myself run and I felt much better afterwards.

Day 5, my last run of the week… Steady Run (6km), was FANTASTIC!  I didn’t even bother with my first walk break and ran for 21 minutes straight.  A runner friend of mine suggested not to stop if I don’t feel like I need to.  I took the advice!

So… I made a discovery yesterday.  In the book I follow for my running schedule, I checked out the half-marathon, out of curiosity.  The thing that stunned me is that the weekly milage was less than that of the 10k training!  I found the author on Facebook and posted a message on his wall asking why.  If I hear back, I will let you know what he says!

13 km Long Slow Distance tomorrow.  Yikes!