I have obviously been away awhile.  Derek and I returned last Sunday from two weeks in Negril, Jamaica at a couples-only resort. I packed all my running gear, but found it extremely hard to run there.  We arrived on Sunday, April 7th, 2012, and I ran the very next day.  The resort had an amazing air-conditioned gym, but even in the air-conditioning, I found myself sweating buckets after only ten minutes of running.  I even had to grab a towel!!!  Even when I run 10 km at home I don’t need a towel for sweat.  I only managed 5 km that day.


I then found it very difficult to get myself to the gym to run.  The beach we chose to relax on required both members of the couple to be present, so it was difficult for me to go for a run and hope we get a good spot on the beach when I was done.  Excuses, excuses!!!  I only ran again once, the following Sunday, very briefly (1.87 km).  Despite not feeling up to running, I spent another 30 minutes on weight machines instead.


I wish I made myself run more (or at least spent some time with the weights more), but it is what it is.  Once we got home, it was easy to get motivated back into it, but very hard to actually run.  I ran Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday this week.  I started at 5 km, then 6, 7 and another 7 km.  I meant to do 8 km today, but it was my first outdoor run and really struggled.  Especially once I nearly got hit by a car while crossing a busy highway.   Next week I will be back into my regular scheduled program.  Unfortunately, this 3-week setback will not likely help my planned race time on May 26.  It is what it is!


On the bright side, I started my new job last week.  I found I have about 1.5 hours to myself each morning once Derek and Owen leave for the day, so I can easily fit in a run and shower before I start work.  It saves me from doing it after work!  Hooray!  I am looking forward to getting into regular training next week.