Dexter (TV series)
Dexter (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last week I fell off track a bit.  I missed a couple runs.  We had a busy family schedule and I couldn’t seem to fit in runs on a couple of days.  I tried to make up my Sunday run on my day off on Monday, but with allergies (or a cold as my husband would believe), I found it very hard to breathe properly and didn’t do my best.

My allergies seemed to have eased off a tad bit, at least enough to allow me to breathe.  I feel like I’ve gotten back on track now though. Well, I guess I’m only 2 for 2 runs this week so far.  3 more to go!

I’ve switched from watching Coronation Street while I run.  The episodes are too short and I find it’s a pain to hop off the treadmill every 20 minutes to put on the next episode.  I’m on to Dexter! I’ve finished the first season and really into it. 

 And with some sad news, my husband will not be around to cheer me on at my first race next weekend.  He has an extremely good reason, though and I feel selfish even being sad he wont be here.  Luckily, I have a good friend who will cheer me on in his place and she will make sure my son gets to see me cross the finish line!

Anyway, I plan to do an outdoor run tomorrow, just need to plan a new 8 km route via  I just better make sure to take my Claritin!  I bought a Sugoi Versa running jacket, so I’m stoked to give it a try.