I need to start running on the street earlier in the year if I’m going to start participating in races!  I only did my second outdoor run of the year yesterday.  Big yikes!  It was crazy hard… first half running into 37 km/hr winds and the second half was uphill. UGH! And I’m doing it again tomorrow.  I am getting really nervous about my race now!

That being said, I love my new jacket.  It’s super cute and was great at keeping the chill from the wind off.  Just wish it could help me run better in the wind!  I did get a bit warm at one point, and I could have separated the sleeves (magnetic attachments), but didn’t.  I found a demo video of the jacket: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgaeFQE0sc0, I was tempted to get the white version that is shown in the video but I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep it  clean. Besides, love the colour of the pink.

Anyway, my right calf cramped up almost right away.  I knew it would go away, which it did about 4 km in.  I found a nice sturdy bus stop sign to stretch it out at on 84th avenue!  I would have liked to stretch it out sooner, but couldn’t find a suitable spot.  I certainly can’t bend over much with the length of the shorts I wear!  I don’t want to be responsible for any car accidents and it’s not like you can miss me with my pink jacket!

I will leave you with that image! Mwahahah.