As the title suggests, today I had my last run before race day!  A lovely 3 kilometer steady run.

Here’s a summary of the running I’ve done since the last time I posted.

Saturday May 19, 2012: Ran around the reservoir at Muskoseepi Park.  Holy Hell!  It took me 28 minutes to do 3.87 km!  And I was meant to do 8 km that day! Average Pace was 7:24 min/km, Max HR 97%(!) and Avg HR 87%.

Sunday, May 20, 2012: I planned to do the full 10k race course and that’s what I did.  I had full intentions of doing a lot better than Saturday.  I told myself to take it easy, relax and just finish it.  That attitude helped tremendously.  Here is a map of the course, which says it is 9.79 km, but when I mapped it on my phone, it said 9.98 kmHere is another map for fun.  Average Pace was 7:28 min/km, Max HR 91% and Avg HR 86%.  Here’s a breakdown of the issues on my run:

  • The allergies.  I went through a massive amount of kleenex … I could have used more!  I had taken Claritin that morning as well.  Maybe time to switch to a different medication.  Anyway, this had me panicked for race day.  The jacket got warm so I am not sure if I’ll be wearing it.  That means no pockets for kleenex!
  • The jacket. Yes, my beautiful jacket had issues.  I got warm so I removed the sleeves and converted it to a vest.  I decided even that was a bit too warm, so I reattached the sleves and tried to tie the jacket around my waist.  Well apparently, the magnets were not strong enough with the iPhone in my pocket, and the sleeves removed themselves from my jacket and fell to the ground.  I’m glad I didn’t learn this on race day!
  • The water bottle.  I carried a water bottle with me, which was a mix of water and Emergen-C.  Although there isn’t much sugar in the mix, I ended up with sticky hands, which was completely annoying.  At one point, I opened the bottle and it sprayed in my face!!! ARG! Luckily, there will be water tables so I don’t have to worry much/at all about carrying water.  I got a tip to mix my Emergen-C the night before I run to avoid the effervescence from causing the water to spray when I open the bottle.

Overall, it was an awesome run.  Some big hills… I didn’t know what hills were until I tried this course!

Tuesday May 22, 2012: This was scheduled to be an 8km done at race pace (5:30 min/km!!!).  I managed it for about 10 minutes and had to do something else.  Average Pace was 6:19 min/km, Max HR 93% and Avg HR 84%.

Wednesday May 23, 2012:Another 8km race pace.  This time was better! I ran it in 36:55, which was a personal best.  Average Pace 6:07 min/km, Max HR 92%, Avg HR 85%.

Thursday May 24, 2012: As mentioned earlier, today was a nice easy 3k run.  I didn’t even wear my HR monitor!

Also today, I went to the Walk, Run and More Store in town for a hydration belt given  my situation with no pockets for kleenex.  The woman helping me pick out the right belt confirmed that missing 3 weeks of training would make a big difference!  Add that to not much training on the road, then I’m hooped!  That being said, she was very encouraging.  It was great talking to a runner.  I just may have to join a running group!

Anyway, here’s what I bought:

Well, the next time I post, I will be writing about my race!