Night Before the Race

I picked up my race package yesterday.  In the package was a few free samples (energy gels, etc.), coupons, advertisements… but the more exciting bits – my race bib and timing chip!  It took me a few minutes to figure out how to go get the timing chip attached to my shoe, but figured it out eventually.  What threw me off was 4 safety pins in the bag with the twist ties.  Twist ties were for timing chip, safety pins were for the race bib.  My hydration belt has race bib attachments, so no need for the safety pins.  One I figured that out, it was all smooth sailing.  20120526-193438.jpg


I was a bit concerned because the muscles behind my left knee were sore and felt tight, especially when my left foot struck the ground.  My son, Owen, went to sleep in my bed since our neighbours were using a bobcat in their backyard making all kinds of noise.  I was worried to carry him back to his bed, but I did, and it didn’t seem to make my leg worse, but I was still worried.  I drank lots of water in the evening, only to lose that hydration overnight by overheating and sweating like crazy in my sleep.

 Race Day

I got up about 2.5 hours before the race.  I didn’t want to wake up my son right away… I wanted to enjoy a cup of tea to myself.  Unfortunately, Owen had other plans.  He was up as soon as I switched the kettle on.  I got ready at a leisurely pace, but found myself running behind.  Luckily in all the rush, I only forgot one thing: chapstick.  I discussed the issue of chapped lips with another runner today… same feeling… without chapstick, lips get all yucky and gooey.

Owen and I got to the race a good hour before it was due to start.  As we walked from the car to the race, Owen kept going on about wanting to be in the kids race (there is a 3 km kids run in this race).  He kept running ahead of me to show me how fast he was.  At one point he even said he would run my race for me, with one stipulation:  I would have to hang onto his Angry Bird stuffed animal for him.  Anyway, once we got to the race area, we checked on door prizes, but unfortunately I didn’t win anything.  Owen ended up getting a frisbee for being so cute, of course.  We hung around the staging area.  Here is a shot I took before it got busy:

My friend Miranda came to hang out with Owen while I raced.   I had her take a picture of me before the race started:

I proceeded to the start line as a bundle of nerves!  Everyone was instructed to line themselves according to pace, so I made myself to the back.  The timer was showing nearly 7 minutes to go, but it flew by like seconds.  I started my MapMyRun app so that Derek could watch me race from England.  That being said, I completely forgot to start my watch until maybe 30 seconds in.

I started out slow, not to get swept up by the craziness.  I caught up with someone I knew (we even had the same pink jacket… and neither of us wore it for the race!) and we chatted a bit.  We kept up with each other until it was time for my walk break.  Once I caught up with her later on, after I had two walk breaks, I asked her whether she took walk breaks.  She said she wanted to run as much of it as possible.  Nevertheless, I ended up finishing before her!

My hydration belt was awesome!!! It didn’t bounce, as advertised.  I didn’t end up using any of my kleenex.  I did a neti-pot nasal rinse in the morning and took a generic cold & sinus tablet.  That seemed to do the trick!  That or the pollen wasn’t as severe.  Having the belt was not a total loss… The add-on water bottle I got was fantastic too.  It leaps and bounds better than the Rubbermaid brand bottle I am used to.  Who knew a water bottle could have so much impact!

Even though I did have my water bottle, I thought I would partake in some of the water from the water table.  That was a bad idea (well running while drinking water out of a cup was a bad idea)!  I choked on my first sip and ended up sputtering water all over my face.  Not a pretty sight.  I stopped running, took a sip, then chucked the cup.  It will be my own water from now on!   That or start involving water drinking as part of my training.

I felt great the whole time, I even managed to run every single hill, while last week I walked most of them.  There were some girls ahead of me on the last hill who were walking.  The race volunteers were cheering them on to get them to get running, but they wouldn’t budge! I even found myself cheering them on because I knew that’s what I would want if I was less than 1 km away from the finish line and needed a push.  They still wouldn’t run.  Pfft!

Here Owen enjoying himself while I was racing:



And here I am, making my way to the finish line! I said I would be happy if I finished under 1:15 and I did it in 1:07 …Yay!


I can’t wait for my next race!!!

 Here is a 3D  overview of my route: