Time to smarten up!  I’ve only run about four times since my race.  That was three weeks ago! Yesterday I struggled to run 5 km on the treadmill.  How pathetic I felt.

I’ve run out of Dexter to watch while on the treadmill, so I am onto “The Big C” which is absolutely awesome. 

Anyway, I will be running today, either on my lunch break or right after work.  Really.  I promise!  This week, I plan to ease myself back by running 5k’s at least 3 times and doing 6k on Sunday.  Sometime this week I need to figure out a new training plan.  I’m not sure if the plan I used in the past prepared me as well as I hoped (considering my regular pace was 6:40 then was expected to do 5:30 on race day!), but then again I did miss a few weeks.  I am open to suggestions!

My next 10k race is in sight… September 23, 2o12.  The goal is to get it in under an hour.