So I had slacked off the first half of July, but I’m back on track.  I find what I need to do is print out blank calendars (i.e. from Publisher) and write in my program each day.

I did miss my Long Slow Distance (LSD) on Sunday, but Derek and I were busy finishing off the stairs on our new deck.  It was totally worth it!  I haven’t actually done an LSD in over TWO MONTHS! Yikes!!! I better not miss it this week.

My next race (September) is open for registration, but I am going to hold off to make sure I do actually get in the training before race day.  Something that is very attractive about this course is that it is flat!!! I have also have another race on my mind, which is in August – it’s a parent/child race, but at 5k, I don’t know if Owen could manage the distance.  I have a while to think about that and prepare him as well.

I’ve been running exclusively on the treadmill these days.  The weather has been super hot and I’m kind of a wimp when it comes to extremes in weather.  I may run outside tomorrow. We’ll see… I know I need the practice running outside.  The other reason why I should run outside is that I’m getting bored with what’s on Netflix.  I finished The Big C (which was awesome), but everything else is a dud in comparison.  I watched an episode of Numb3rs, which was ok.  I also watched an episode of Monk, but Tony Shaloub‘s OCD character gave me anxious feelings while running.  I’m sure both shows are great, just not on the treadmill.  I got into United States of Tara, which is very good.  I will likely continue to watch that, but there isn’t a huge amount of episodes available.  I’ve been listening to a lot of music instead and found my new power song: Muse – Survival (the London 2012 Olympic Games official song).  I usually save it for my last 4 minutes, but it gives me a huge boost that I need at the end of my run.

I came across a very interesting site through a runner I follow on Twitter.  The site is called LifeKraze.  It’s a social-networking, accomplishment-driven, site.  Not necessarily for fitness accomplishments, but it does appear to be a large component.  You can post that you ran 5k, for example, and other people on the site can reward you with points.  Everyone gets an allotment of points, separate from the earned points, to give away as rewards.  Points can be redeemed for discounts on shopping sites or give them to charity.  It ie ens a very interesting concept, and the immediate encouragement from other people on the site is awesome.  Another neat part is that there are olympians who use the site.  It is definitely worth a try!