I really do love feeling sore after exercise. This is a great description provided in a Running Times article:

Perhaps the best news is the fact that delayed onset muscle soreness isn’t all bad. “Although DOMS is associated with something negative, it’s actually a physiologically positive reaction,” says Dr. Szymanski. “Once your body is exposed to whatever made you sore, the next time your body will say, ‘I got it, I’ll protect you.’ It’s actually a beautiful thing.”

Taken from: http://runningtimes.com/Article.aspx?ArticleID=21701

What I don’t like is when muscle soreness is to the point where I have to rearrange my training schedule.

After my not-so-nice speed training on Wednesday, I took Thursday off and moved that run to my day off on Friday. This probably wasn’t the best idea as it sort of messed up the remainder of my training schedule.

To start, I got up early Friday and started my run before sunrise. It was meant to be a mid-week Long Slow Distance of 10-13km. I only managed 6k and had to take multiple walk breaks. I tried to make up for this by doing some crunches and weighted squats once I got home. My legs were pretty sore Friday night.

Saturday morning, Derek and I left the house on our own training plans. Even though he left the house before me (I did my warm up on the treadmill before I set out), we had different routes and different goals, it was still so awesome to be out “together” (we had only bumped into each other once). I had a fantastic 8k run with only one walk break at the 5k mark. I caught myself trying to stop a couple times after that break, but just before stopping, I pulled my socks up and kept running. The second time, I had less than a mile to go… I told myself I could feel better for about a minute now or feel super awesome when I got home for not letting myself stop at all. It totally worked.

I felt completely drained the rest of the day. My muscled were very sore too. I know that every runner has bad run days, but it had occurred to me that perhaps the reason why I might have mine is iron deficiency. For years I’ve been told I have low iron, not anaemic, just low (often to the point where I cannot donate blood). I had taken supplements in the past, but I was not a fan of the side effects. Iron is what helps red blood cell function, carrying oxygen to muscles. I picked up a ferrous gluconate supplement, and we shall see how I feel after a few weeks.

Today, Sunday, was meant to be my second LSD of the week, but my legs are just so sore from Friday still. See, if I had ran Thursday instead of Friday, I probably would have been able to run today. Instead, I have to get up super early tomorrow to get it in before work. Bah! We’ll see… Maybe by tonight I’ll be ok. That is what I am going to aim for.

Next week… a bit of fun… A couple of short runs at race pace and a couple of even shorter runs at a “comfortable” pace. Then… race day!