The Christmas candy and baking has been moved to the garage until Friday.  Out of sight, out of mind!  It has been really tough avoiding all the goodies since I work from home.  Derek and I joined a local fitness challenge.  For every pound lost in the next two months, we get $3 on a gift card!  It’s a pretty good incentive, but we both need to lose weight anyway.

All week we will eat healthily, then on Friday we can eat whatever we like.  We tried this before and it worked quite well!  Until we stopped, of course!

A slight issue is that our treadmill kaput last week.  Derek opened it up and it turns out a bolt holding the motor in place broke off in the motor case causing the motor belt to fall off.  He took it to GP Rewind so they could get the broken bolt out and hopefully they will be able to provide a new bolt.  We’ll get it back tomorrow and hopefully I’ll be off running again!  Luckily my gym membership at Eastlink Centre hadn’t expired until yesterday, so I did get a couple track runs in.  I forgot how boring track running was!

It would have been a lot more fun if my Run, Zombie! app was working.  It keeps crashing and I had to re-listen to the same mission over and over not actually getting anywhere.  To top it off, I accidentally restarted the whole program instead of restarting from where I left off. Ahhh!  I put in a bug report to the company and they wrote back to me asking for some more details.  I seem to remember this all happening once I turned the social function on (run sharing).  I’ve turned it off now and I will give it another try on my next run.

Anyway, until the treadmill is back up, it’ll be living room yoga for me!


Quick Edit: Derek’s just informed me that he’s renewed my gym membership! Yay 🙂