I’ve been spending more time thinking about cross-training and ab-work.  I can’t seem to set aside time during my rest days to do weights, like a good runner should.  So, sometimes while I’m waiting for the kettle to boil or my Tassimo to make me a cup of coffee, I’ll do squats.  Why not?  I’m just standing there… may as well do something useful!  When I’m waiting for the shower to warm up (we have a tankless hot water system), I’ll do a plank.  Ok, so I’ve only done two of those so far, but better than none! First time was 30 seconds, today was 35.  We’ll see how I do tomorrow!

It’s been a great week!  As my last post indicated, Derek and I are eating the best we can all week, then giving ourselves permission to eat what I want Friday night – Saturday night. This has gone well so far for me, especially with the goodies moved to the garage.  I even made a meal plan and cooked dinner on two nights!

Once I was done work on Friday, I went straight to the garage, pulled out the goodies, scarfed a chocolate Santa and cracked a Kokanee!  It was heavenly.

I am not in training mode at the moment, but in maintenance mode.  I’ve taken the mileage down and I’m feeling good getting into a routine again.

Monday, January 7: The night the treadmill busted not long into my run, so we’ll call this a rest day.

Tuesday, January 8: Running on an indoor track – 5 km, 34:27

Wednesday, January 9:  Rest

Thursday, January 10: Rest

Friday, January 11: Treadmill 5km, 33:25

Saturday, January 12: Rest

Sunday, January 13: Treadmill 8km, 54:59

After writing that all out, I realized I had too many rest days.  Next week should be better.  The treadmill is back in action, I have my renewed gym membership, I’m finally feeling 100% healthy again from my nasty cold…no excuses!

On the down-side, my brand new wonderful shoes are giving me blisters on my arches.  I will have to tough it out!  Not much else I can do.  I’ve read forums where people cut the shoe liner in the spot that gives them blisters, but I don’t think I will go that far.  Maybe a bit of tape or a bandaid should do it.

Ending on a positive note, I resolved my issues with the Run, Zombies! app.  I turned off run sharing and it has stopped crashing.  I really do enjoy the app… I kind of wish I could have that on Netflix… watch a bit of a show then have it cut into my music playlist for at least one song. Best of both worlds!  Until then, I will stick to the zombie app.