Being Canadian, I am more familiar with kilometers vs. miles.  When I first started training, I  tracked everything in kilometers.  My Garmin watch is in kilometers, but my treadmill is in miles.  I use a foot pod with my Garmin, so I mostly rely on that for my distance readings (with the exception of speed training or hills – short intervals don’t really make me want to have to look at my wrist every 30 seconds).  After my treadmill fell ill last month, reading through the manual, I learned how to switch my treadmill to display kilometers!  I was elated at finding this setting.

Anyway, I had made the transition reading my treadmill display quite well and was pleased at the distance climbing a lot quicker than it does with miles.  This week, I picked up my first week of training and today I was scheduled to do 4 hills (but I did 5… keep reading).  Before the treadmill display was converted, I used it to track 0.25 miles for each hill.  I don’t know what was wrong with me today, but I must have forgotten that I now needed to track 400m.  If you read my last post, I did a lot of tracking in meters over the past month, so I don’t know what happened in my brain to think in miles again.  It took me 2 x 0.25 kilometer hills to figure out this was why I was having such an easy time.  I added one extra hill at 400m for good measure.

So now that my treadmill is back in action, my Garmin is kaput.  Well, not exactly.  The screen had started to fade on me whenever I tried to go through menus.  I did a Google search and came up with lots of scary opinions like, it needed to be returned to Garmin for warranty because the sensors had become disconnected.  So wrong!  I thought perhaps that it was just the battery running down as it is a 1-year battery.  I kept neglecting to get a new battery because it was still functional.  Two days ago, it became no longer functional.  It displays the time, but that’s it.  Today, I checked it again and it flashed up “battery low”, when I tried using a button.  So for all of you searching Google for why your watch screen is fading… try the battery before sending it back for Warranty work!