Earlier this month, I had posted about how I couldn’t help but feel less of a runner because I don’t run outside in the winter.  I succumbed to my own self-doubt and went shopping.  I know I said I tried shopping before and couldn’t find anything, but I was looking in the wrong place!  When I was at the West Edmonton Mall, the Running Room was a week away from opening there… d’oh!  I bet they would have had some cold-weather running gear.  Anyway, I stopped in at the local running store, here in Grande Prairie.  I grabbed a hat, some mitts and some ice grips (Nordic Grip) for my shoes.  I already had some base layer items, so I was pretty well set, since it’s no longer super cold.

Today, I set out after work.  It was -5C (23F) with a few clouds.  Earlier it was even sunny, a beautiful day for a run, I thought.  I wasn’t wrong!  It felt great to be running outdoors again.  I plodded along, sans music, just listening to the clicking of my grips on the sometimes-dry pavement.  I was very impressed at how well the Nordic Grips performed on the snow and ice.  There was not a single point where I felt unsteady running.  I think the biggest pain was the very thin ice covering huge puddles.

The picture below kind of shows the worst of it.  It’s hard to see, but this is a big icy puddle… can’t go around it… gotta go through it!!!  This was actually in front of a church.

Church sidewalk


It was definitely hard work – I did one loop route, which was not even 2 kilometers.  I will stick it out longer next time, but this was more of a test run anyway!