I have never ever run with a partner. Until yesterday!

Friday night, I ended up in a Facebook thread on the local running club page and ended up finding two different people to run with on Saturday and Sunday morning. Now, I’m a big lover of sleep and look forward to my sleep-in days on the weekends, but I was 100% willing to give that up to meet some new friends and to challenge myself by running with a partner.


I met up with Stacey on Saturday morning and set out to the local park. I had never run from this end of the park, but luckily, Stacey knew where to go! The path was completely covered with snow and ice – this in itself was a challenge despite my Nordic Grips. The next challenge was the hills. Considering I hadn’t run outdoors since October, I was having a hard time getting to the pace I wanted. I had to remember what I had read about winter running … Focus on the time instead of the distance.

What I really enjoyed about this first partner running experience was that while I did force myself to push through my comfort zone, but I had someone to push me when I needed it. It was a great run!

It was my first time running in my Get Up and Glow running tights from Lululemon. They were amazing! So comfortable and not too warm, not too cold – just right!

Lesson learned: ditch the long-sleeve turtleneck next time! I was absolutely sweltering! I did have to ditch my hat and mitts halfway through, if not sooner, but I don’t think I could leave them completely behind.


On Sunday, I met up with Christina. I opted for a t-shirt under my light running jacket and was not uncomfortable at all temperature-wise. It was cloudy and -3C (27F). I think it was the same on Saturday.

Although I had run the course once before, I had gotten us lost almost right away! We ended up out of the park and into city streets for a good chunk. This, and the higher level of ice, slowed us (me) down a lot. I was a bit worried about running with Christina because she indicated her normal pace was about 2 minutes per kilometer faster than my normal. However, the nice thing about our pairing, as she pointed out, is that I need to be pushed to speed up and as she is training for a marathon, she needs to be slowed down.

It was a good run, I just felt a bit disheveled getting lost and having to slow down so much for the ice.

Lesson learned: Use old running socks instead of the new ones. My two weekend runs ended in major blisters on the sides of my feet – at the top of my arches and up towards my big toe. I thought it may be one of the following:

  • Nordic Grips too tight on my shoes?
  • shoes too stiff from being cold?
  • new Gore winter running socks that I started wearing Saturday

I decided to work through an elimination process and start at the socks, since that seems to be the most likely culprit after a google search seemed to come up socks as the problem for winter running blisters.

Next Week

I’ve joined a training clinic, which starts Monday. I am looking forward to this quite a bit. Tuesday, I will take a rest day. Wednesday, I am looking forward to running on my own again. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed running with others, but there is something to be said about running in solitude!