Lesson 1:  I left my mitts at home.  I thought I wouldn’t need them as the last few times I had run outdoors, I ditched the mitts after 10 minutes.  As I ran into the wind, my hands were very cold.  I thought they might warm up, but they ended up getting more cold.  I had to turn back after 1.5 km to get them.

Lesson 2:   At about 3.5 km, I paused the distance tracking on my watch because I was stuck at an intersection waiting for the lights.  When I was ok to cross the street, off I went for another 1 km.  It was then I realized I forgot to restart the tracking on my watch.

Lesson 3:   I didn’t notice how much of a charge I had left on my phone before I left.  After 4.5 km, I got a “battery low” announcement from my running app.  Apparently this equates to “battery dead.”