Since my last post, I have joined two running clinics.  I’ve enjoyed them and finding they have helped me push myself.  I’ve even surprised myself by the potential my body has.  That is, when I’m not having narcolepsy of the foot…

About 3 1/2 weeks ago, on a snowy run through the park, my left foot fell asleep at the 3 kilometer mark.  Completely asleep.  The entire foot.  Since then, I’ve experienced this a few more times.  It happens fairly suddenly and gets progressively worse if I keep running.  And by progressive, I don’t mean parts of my foot start to go, it’s just that the whole foot goes at once, but goes more numb and tingly as I continue.  I can’t even walk it off, I have to completely stop for about 30 seconds.

Needless to say, this was really annoying and fairly worrying!  Since then, it’s happened off and on at seemingly random times running.  Here’s what I’ve narrowed down:

  • Have been wearing my Saucony Triumph 9’s for 2.5 months
  • Left foot only
  • Happens whether or not I am wearing ice grips on shoes
  • Happens if  I loosen my laces
  • Happens if I wear lighter socks vs. winter runing socks
  • Happens whether I’ve warmed up for 30 seconds vs. 5 minutes
  • Happens outdoors on hilly courses over snow and/or ice
  • Does not happen on the treadmill
  • Does not happen on flat courses outdoors, which have tended not to have snow or much ice
  • Happens on the running track (at 5 km mark, but no recurrence after solution below)
  • Will go away if I stop completely, will not go away if I try to walk it off – but sometimes will come back as soon as I start running again

Unfortunately, I did not keep my wonderful Asics 2160’s, but I do have a pair of old Nike’s I am going to switch to for a week or so.  What I am hoping is that it is the Saucony’s and not something wrong with my feet.  As my husband pointed out, I had problems almost right away with the shoes (but not early enough to be able to return them!).  I love how light they are and how non-clunky the heel feels, but I’ve never had problems running before until I got these shoes!

I think I will also keep a proper log to track exactly all the details of when this happens.


Because I’ve renamed my blog foodie – nerd – runner, I thought my posts should cover each of those aspects… with a bit of overlap.  For example:


I’m eyeing up a new running watch.  I have been really satisfied with my Garmin FR 70, but I did buy it with the assumption that I might not stick with running.  Read about my choice on buying this watch here. It’s a less expensive model without GPS, but tracks pace/distance using a footpod.  Once the weather gets nicer, I may not want to carry around my phone to use as GPS (although I do love the Runkeeper app).  It might be nice to have a watch with GPS.

I was looking at either the Nike+ Sportwatch or the Garmin 610 (found a great deal at the RunningRoom website).  With a lot of research, mainly on dcrainmaker’s site… he is well known for his in-depth reviews of running/swimming/cycling products.

Although the Nike watch is prettier and a lot less expensive, from the sounds of it, the Garmin picks up satellites faster and is more accurate.  Plus, the Garmin Connect site vs. the Nike+ site appeals to me more (plus, there is a third-party site that will convert and transfer your Garmin data files over to Nike+).  The Garmin seems to have a few more features available (which I may or may not use).

I narrowed it down to the Garmin, but at the last minute with the watch in my virtual shopping card, I backed out.  After all, I may need to be shelling out for a new pair of running shoes!  My thirst for running nerdiness will have to be quenched later!  By then, I may change my mind.


I’m looking at making smoothies.  That’s as far as I’ve gotten! Pretty sad, really.  Hopefully the next time I post, I will have had some amazing smoothie experience to report back on.