If you read my Narcolepsy of the Foot post, you’ll know I am having problems with my foot falling asleep anywhere from the 3-5k mark on most of my runs.

I swapped out my 3-month old Saucony Triumph 9’s for my 5-year-old Nike Lunarglides for the week.

Run #1: April 9.  My husband decided to come along with me, which I was really excited about.  Even though he would be walking and we wouldn’t really be “together”, it was a nice feeling knowing he was around and getting to see where I’ve been running the past couple of months.

It was a great run… I even got some wildlife shots! (beaver in the creek)



Enough warm and fuzzies… this is about the shoes! I mean feet!  3 km came and went, 5 km, then 7… no problems at all.  Not even the calf pain that I had been experiencing more often that not.

It wasn’t my best run (and even chickened out of the full 8 km because of a steep hill down covered in ice), but I was elated to have had the run without pain.

I’m going to give the Nike’s the week, then I’m going to spend some more time with the Saucony’s.  If it’s clear that the shoes are the problem, then I’ll be hitting the stores!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Saucony is a great brand and has great shoes… just possibly not for my feet.