I think I posted a little while ago about starting to think about making smoothies. Well I’ve actually done it now! I experimented with a couple of recipes, adding my own little ideas. I was very impressed at how well my blender held up. I really don’t need a Vitamix! (not that I was even remotely thinking about spending $500 on a blender).

Smoothie 1


I was really impressed at my first smoothie attempt! I threw in 2 cups of spinach, some orange juice, 1 1/2 c. frozen berries, 1/4 c. carrots, and 2 tbsp. chia seed (chia seed soaked in water for a bit, then threw in the water and chia). It was really good! Being a self-proclaimed foodie, I was surprised at how good it tasted. I decided to take down the chia a bit next time as it really thickened it up. As you can see, I was pretty particular on the measurements. I’m a bit of a recipe Nazi.


Smoothie 2 & 3


Smoothie 2 was banana, almond butter, ice, chia seed (soaked in milk, threw in the chia with the milk) and ice. Smoothie 3 was the same, just added a bit of oatmeal. I am already starting to feel pretty gutsy and threw caution to the wind… I didn’t measure anything! Again, delicious. A funny story though… the recipes I’ve seen with banana have always suggested to freeze the banana. Silly me didn’t realize I had to peel the banana before I froze it.

This all sounds pretty healthy and I’m feeling pretty good, so I think I’ll stick with it!



Nothing new on the nerd front in my life. I got a lovely bouquet of flowers from a customer at work, and my work is nerdy, so I guess that can be my news there!



I got up early Monday morning to watch the Boston Marathon live. I was so excited to watch it for the first time. I soaked up every minute, all the interviews before, the starts, keeping track of my favourite female elites (even Canadians are allowed to love Kara and Shalane, right?). I had to turn it off so I could get to my home office and get some work done. I had some news alerts that there were some explosions reported at the marathon. I didn’t really think much of it, not even considering the possibility of what it actually was. I wish it really was nothing. Hearing the stories of the victims just breaks my heart. I know I’ll never run the Boston Marathon, but I thought of if that was me… with my family waiting for me excitedly and proudly at the finish line… makes me want to cry just thinking about it.

Boston is about 3000 miles away from Grande Prairie, but I still feel like I need to do something to help. The victims and their families will be facing unexpected and very expensive medical bills, some of them wont be able to work for months. On behalf of our local running club, I tried to organize a group run that Monday night to do some fundraising, but also just so other runners could be around each other for comfort. There wasn’t as big of a turnout as I hoped, but it was very short notice. We’ve arranged another group run for Sunday morning, which I’m hoping will have a better turnout. I feel good for at least trying, anyway.

As I titled this post “Ups an Downs This Week”, thinking of my emotions this week, I realized it mirrored what the male winner, Lelisa Desisa, said about the race…. he didn’t like the ups and downs (hills). Even the elites hate the hills! Love it.

I’ve had a couple of fantastic runs this week. Today, I ran under 6 minutes per kilometer for 6k (35 minutes total). My foot hasn’t been falling asleep, but the inside of my big toe on my left foot has been rubbing with the next toe, creating a not so nice blister which has been a bit tingly. I got some Injinji toe socks to help with that, which were actually quite natural feeling to run in.

I have a 16k run on Saturday… I’ve enlisted a running buddy just to help get me through it. Wish me luck, last time I did this distance, I couldn’t walk for days!