I am just a little bit obsessed about running.  I even fall asleep thinking about it.  I think about how I did on my last run, I think about how I can improve my next run, I just think about running.  A lot.


Derek and I tried out a new chain restaurant last night called Famoso.  It’s a new pizza joint in Grande Prairie, but it has locations all over the place – we had never tried it before.  It was very busy and the take-out process seemed a bit disorganized.  Luckily, we were dining in!  The food and service were both excellent! Can’t beat a  salted dark chocolate gelato in a pool of espresso.  YUM!



I’ve been playing with Google Docs today – working out a form for our local running club for sponsorships.  I have to say, it really brought out the nerd in me… I was so excited to embed my form into our hosted website.  It might not be used for that purpose, but I can definitely see the potential!


I feel I cut the first two sections short just to get to the good stuff.  I got new shoes!  I had some good success running with my old Nikes and had some pain in the Saucony’s… blisters and sharp digging in the arch area again.  I know I really need to let my between-the-toes blister heal, but I feel I can’t really afford to rest at the moment.

Anyway, I went to Ernie’s Sports Experts in Grande Prairie, as they are one of the sponsors of our running club, and I get a nice discount.  One of the employees had given a talk at one of our Sunday training days and I was happy to see he was working.  I even told him that, which I think weirded him out a bit.  Anyway… I managed to find out that I am not a neutral runner after all.  Just by doing a small squat, we could see that my left ankle rolled inwards.  They did notice this at my last shoe fitting at the last place I went to for shoes, but it didn’t seem to count against their verdict of me being a neutral runner vs. a pronator.  Back to the left ankle… we both decided it was too much of a coincidence that ankle rolled in and that is the foot causing me all the grief.

I went in with the idea I’d like to get into a Brooks shoe.  I tried on Asics (as the Asics 2000 is the new Asics 2160 that I had success with before the Saucony incident of 2013), something in New Balance, then the Brooks Ravenna.

Asics 2000

Felt fine – no issues.

New Balance something or other

Felt even better and lighter than the Asics, but some heel slippage.  I felt I could resolve this with some lacing techniques.

Brooks Ravenna

Despite reviews of being a heavy shoe, I felt this was lightest out of all of them and so comfortable.  I immediately fell in love. http://www.brooksrunning.com/Ravenna-4/120125,default,pd.html


As I drove home, I thought about how much I wanted to go running in them.  Unfortunately it was Friday and a rest day, so trying them out would have to wait.

This morning I had a 13k run, only the second time I’ve run this far this year.  Last week I was due to do a 16k, but the best laid plans did not pan out at all!  My running buddy mixed up our dates, I forgot my garmin, I had no music on my iPhone (wiped it after having battery problems), the weather sucked, and I had a lot do at home that I kept thinking about.  I cut it short at 5k.

Anyway, the Brooks Ravenna carried me perfectly though every kilometer today.  I did feel a bit of heat under my forefoot, but otherwise, they felt great!  Not even a single new blister.

I am running an 8k race on Mother’s Day that I’ve not done before.  I tried out the course on Thursday and found it really enjoyable!  Scenic trails to uphill sidewalk to dirt roads, to fast sidewalks, back to scenic trails where I found deer!