I have so much to write about!  So much, in fact, that I’ll have to break up all these thoughts into a few posts.

Chronologically, I will start with a post about my new watch!  It was a tough call between the Garmin 610 and the Nike+ Sportwatch.  Considering I also had to buy new shoes recently, I opted for the less expensive option (the Nike Sportwatch).  The best price I found was from the Running Room.

When I put it on, I felt that it was quite chunky and it felt a bit inflexible and heavy.  The strap doesn’t fit flexibly around my wrist, but I wore it all day and quickly became accustomed to it.


Can only change display on watch when plugged into computer (Garmin watches you change the display on the watch itself).  Not a huge issue for me.

Display options are limited –

The watch only show 2 stats at once (one larger, one smaller above – you can see this on the photo above).  The smaller stat can be programmed to auto-rotate through a variety of stats, but after using this option once, I quickly reverted to one static version… I ended up finding myself running and watching my watch waiting for a particular stat to appear.  The smaller stat can be changed during a run, but not like the Garmin.  My old Garmin would allow me to add up to 3 stats to each “page” and I could use the side buttons to flip through those pages.  On the Nike, you use the buttons to flip through each stat, but first it displays the stat’s name, then you have to hit another button to actually display it.

Limited Statistic Comparison – although the watch keeps records, I really enjoy the stats offered by the Runkeeper app – showing a weekly/monthly comparison of distance/pace/elevation, etc.  Nike+ does carry these stats, but no way to show them side-by-side… you see each year/month/week on separate pages.


Good social media presence.

Great graphics on Nike+ Running site.  Seeing my run on a map, colour-coded to my pace is really interesting to see after finishing a run.  I can now also track my elevation and my route without also carrying my iPhone with the Runkeeper app running.

Large numbers/stats on the watch.  Very easy to quickly glance at the watch to get the info I need… no squinting!

Extremely easy to use.  I’m very tech-savvy, but I do think that someone not as nerdy as me could figure it out with no problems.

Extremely quick satellite linking (I haven’t timed it, but probably less than 30 seconds, as opposed to the several minutes some Garmin users experience).

Footpod – handy for indoor use and for low satellite areas outdoors.

Records for fastest mile/km, fastest 5k/10k/half-marathon/marathon, longest distance right on the watch.

Feedback on above records right after ending a run.

Touch-screen to create a lap.  This is the only function of the touch-screen, which I didn’t realize at all.  I expected it to have more touch-screen functionality, hence the comparison to the Garmin 610 which is completely touch-screen if I understand it correctly.  I have yet to use the touch-screen lap function… I have the watch set to auto-lap on each kilometer.

Accurate.  The accuracy of the GPS along with the footpod is fantastic.

Overall, I’m happy with the watch.  There are a couple disappointments, but I’m more pleased with it than anything.