Now that I’ve got my half-marathon under my belt, I’m 2.5 weeks away from my next 10k race.  I have the endurance down, but now I need to get my speed up!

Back in February, I posted about trying different kinds of speed work.  Week 4 was “Speed Training From Hell”.  Today, I decided to give it another go!  Here’s what that week looked like, back in February.

Speed Training from Hell.  That’s not really what it was called.  I came across a speed-training workout from a twitter post… I wish I remembered what it was called or even the website of the article.  Anyway, I can vaguely describe it… it has caused a bit of amnesia, much like child-birth can do to us women to make us want to continue to have children.  Basically, it was a nice long warmup, then 4 x 1000m intervals at 5k race pace.  Once those are done, do 1 x 600m interval at 3k pace.  I think I got through 3 intervals of the 5k pace and did the 1 @ 3k pace, but it’s all very fuzzy!

Today, I made it through all 4 x 1000m intervals at a 5:18 min/km pace (8:32 min/mile) then did one 600m interval at 5:07 min/km (8:14 min/mile).  Next week I’ll have to try a second set of intervals.  Thinking about it is making me sweat profusely!