This was the race where I was finally going to beat the 1 hour mark. I had three weeks to train after finishing my half-marathon… Talk about switching gears! I think this would have been a little easier, but my son started school and we were getting used to a new routine. His last two years at school, he went to a before/after-school program. This meant, I had 1.5 hours to myself in the morning and about 30 minutes after work. With him now taking the bus, I have 45 minutes to myself in the morning and no time after work. Not quite enough time to squeeze in a training run and be ready for work. I am not a morning person and waking up earlier is not an option. I’ve resigned myself to the fact I would be spending a lot more time on the treadmill after work. That being said, every other week, he is at his dad’s, so as much as I love my son…. It will be nice to at least get some outdoor time during the week.

So as you may have gathered, I wasn’t feeling well-prepared for this race. I knew I wouldn’t make my goal, but I wasn’t upset about it, as I had been on my last 10k because I really hadn’t worked as hard as I had in the past. This time, instead of shuffling my running times, I had a pre-set playlist that would last less than an hour and that would give me some good power songs at the right time. As the race started, I realized Runkeeper was set to automatically shuffle. One of the biggest mistakes I made was to stop/walk and try and stop the playlist from shuffling. I couldn’t get it to work and I lost precious time because of it. In fact, I finished 12 seconds short of my goal…

This was a personal record for me (10/30 in age group) but being 12 seconds short was a bit annoying.