I recently made the switch – iPhone to Android.  It was a hard decision, but at the time, with no iPhone 5s’s in sight, my husband and I opted to go the Android route and both purchased Galaxy S4’s.  It turned out to be a great choice, but not without limitations.  One of the limitations being the development of the Runkeeper app, which I loved so much on the iPhone that  I even purchased the $20/year elite membership for added features.  I quickly discovered that the developers at Runkeeper don’t realize the market share android has, because there are a lot of flaws in its android version.

Runkeeper has posted the Elite Membership benefits on their website, indicating what’s available on PC vs. iOS vs. Android.  According to this chart, the only limitation is the run comparison.  This was a really neat feature on iOS that ranked your completed run against other completed runs of a similar distance.  Click here to see more about this cool feature: http://support.runkeeper.com/entries/25076156-What-s-RunRank-.  Luckily, I still have my iPad, so I can view these stats after-the-fact.  Click the image below to see the full size.


from: https://runkeeper.com/what-is-elite

Here is a different published list of general limitations (published over a year ago) http://support.runkeeper.com/entries/21979621-List-of-Android-Limitations.  To me, this appears out of date because you can use a target pace.  I’m surprised there are only two items here because I found a few more… Let me tell you all about them!

Weekly/Monthly Review.  This is one of my favourite features.  It compares your pace, distance, elevation, calories burned, # activities, and total time current week/month to past week/month.  The android version is hit and miss… the screenshot below says it all.  It often doesn’t refresh and displays zero values.  Even my personal records don’t display (however, if I touch the personal records area, it does display them in detail).

2013-11-13 17.20.13

Timing Cues

Ok, so here’s where I admit I made a mistake.  I was all set to tell you all about how on the android, you must have a time trigger and a distance trigger to receive timing cues.  It took me a month to see where I turn one of the two off.  But here’s what I started writing:

So like any good running app, Runkeeper will speak details about your run (i.e. average pace, current pace, distance, yadda yadda) at specified intervals.  The iOS version allows you to specify if you want to hear these details every X minutes or X miles/km.  Android makes you choose both!  I like mine set to a distance alert, rather than time, so I’ve had to set my time to every 30 minutes so I hear that one as little as possible.  My first run with the app on android was giving me cues every 5 minutes and every km… I probably don’t have to explain how annoying that would be.

Maybe I’m missing something… certainly feel free to let me know if there is a setting that I’m just not seeing!

Here’s what I wasn’t seeing:

2013-11-18 08.07.37 and by scrolling up… there it is… 2013-11-18 08.07.40

This is how it’s set in iOS:



I’m shaking my head, wondering why they would make the interface different between platforms.

Average Pace

All good little runners like to see our average pace.  The android app will show your average pace… only if you take the app out to run.  If you manually add the activity, you’re left to do the math on your own!

2013-11-18 08.17.12here’s how the very same run looks in iOS: image

Premium Support

Did I mention that you get ‘premium’ support with your elite membership?  I had sent in an issue about my iPhone posting every little run to facebook, whether I wanted it to or not.  I got an email back saying that because I had a membership, I would get a faster response.  I got no response.  So should I advise them about my issues?  Probably.  Will I continue to use Runkeeper? Probably… it’s still, in my option, the best running app out there.


Do you run with an app?  What do you use?