I’ve decided to participate in the Runner’s World Holiday Running Streak! This means I will be running at least one mile (1.6 km) every day from American Thanksgiving (November 28) until New Years’ Day. So far it’s done me well. There have been so many days since the start that I wouldn’t have run at all, usually due to being “too busy”. But telling myself that as long as I do a mile, I can maintain my streak at least.

This challenge has given me two mini-goals while I’m just in maintenance mode:

  1. best mile time
  2. maintaining a running streak

Some days I don’t feel like racing through my mile, but most days I do, that’s just the competitive nature in me. I know I can run my mile faster and I need to get out of my head and force myself to try go aim for a faster pace. My fastest mile this streak has been 8:44. In my running lifetime, my fastest mile has been 8:39.

One of the other things this will help with is that feeling of just not wanting to run on a particular day. I love running, but I still have those days where I’d rather vegetate after work instead of run. So now, saying to myself, “at least a mile”, once I get into it, I have ended up doing more.

This weekend, we’re heading out of town for some quality Christmas shopping, quality food and quality drinking. I’m not used to running while I’m away on these kinds of weekends, so I quickly realized to maintain my streak, I would have to get up early to run at the hotel. But that’s the other side too… Running every day will help with all the extra eating and drinking this month! One of my goals this year was to lose 18 pounds and I’m 1 pound short! Better start upping my mileage because I’m certainly not missing out on all the goodies!