I just purchased the Moji 360 Foot Massager for myself.  I’ve been feeling some tension in my feet, especially in the arch area. Massaging my own feet, I often feel snaps, crackles and pops… From what I’ve been told, these are adhesions and massage is one of the things that help break up the adhesions and decrease that tension.

I’ve seen this advertised in Runner’s World as well as in catalogues from the Running Room, and with a price tag of $44.99, I hesitated the purchase for a few months. Finally, I realized I couldn’t rely on my husband to give me daily foot massages, so I went for it.

The unit has two zones: one for an overall massage, one for a deeper massage.

I tried it out as soon as I got home and decided I could use it all day, it felt so good!  It was very cold coming from the trunk of our car after a long road trip, which almost made it better.  I can see myself sticking it in the freezer before each use. Definitely a great purchase!