Several years ago, my new years’ resolution was to give up pop (or soda, depending on who’s reading).  The primary reason was for weight loss (this was before I started running). It lasted all of three months!  This year, I decided to give it another go, except I’ve allowed myself to have it when used as a mixer.  I think that’s helped me last a bit longer so far (nearly five months now).  Maybe one day I can eliminate it completely.

The reasoning this go-around was partly for weight loss (apparently even diet sodas cause weight gain) but more to reduce the amount of chemicals I ingest doing who-knows-what to me.

Times I found the hardest to avoid soda was dining out, especially at fast food restaurants (I said reduce the amount of chemicals… sometimes a girl just wants a cheeseburger, don’t judge!).  Instead of the default fountain pop, I ask for chocolate milk.  This is no longer a hard decision for me.  Sometimes I will have sparkling water just for the fizz.  Another tricky time was right after lunch.  I used to either have a Coke Zero for lunch or after lunch.  My body craved sugar like crazy during that time of day once I cut it out.  I started replacing it with a hard candy or two, and now I don’t crave the sugar.

I haven’t really noticed feeling any differently, except I did suddenly notice my stomach maybe wasn’t protruding as much.  I have also found that I have a higher sensitivity to sweet flavours and I have been able to cut sugar completely out of my coffee (not tea) and don’t indulge in as much dessert.  I made a cake the other week and it had to be thrown out because it dried out before it could be finished.

I’ve only had one slip-up…technically two…ok three.  #1: I was working out-of-town and just craved something cold and fizzy.  I bought a bottle of Pepsi from the hotel vending machine.  The first sip was glorious, overly sweet, but glorious.  I drank half the bottle and begun to feel terrible (bloating), hence just half the bottle.  #2: The other time, I bought an organic soda sweetened with cane sugar – it was extremely tasty, but it was a one-off. #3: Was just today… out eating a cheeseburger (remember, don’t judge!), I had a few sips of my husband’s Coke Zero, not so much for the taste or craving, but just to wash my mouth a bit between bites.

Unlike last time, and despite my itty-bitty slip-ups, I have a feeling I will be able to make this a permanent change and even one day cut it out completely.  There are just so many better alternatives!