I’m not working on any training plan right now, but had been loosely following past plans… Tempo Tuesday, Hills on Wednesdays, long run Sunday, etc.

We had some nice weather this morning and didn’t feel like doing hill training on my treadmill, so I ditched the plan for the day. I decided I’d just go out and run.

I had recently bragged that my Garmin 220 needs no time at all to connect to satellites, but this morning it didn’t connect at all. So, I started up the running app, Strava, on my phone and threw it in my pocket (no audio prompts set). I was running without any pace  guidance, which was probably a first for me. I also realized that my Oiselle Distance shorts could actually sort of fit my enormous Samsung Galaxy S4.  Bonus!

Off I went and was feeling great. For about a Kilometre (not even a mile). It all went down hill from there and just felt like my legs had nothing to give.

On the bright side, I am impressed I got up early so I could run outside! Still beats the sweaty treadmill!

Check out my 5.0 km Run on Strava: http://app.strava.com/activities/172979864