I wasn’t expecting to finally reach my sub 1-hour 10k goal, which I’ve been trying to reach for years… I was hoping, but certainly not expecting.  I had been running without a training plan and the mileage has been low. I suddenly realized about 5 weeks before the race that I really needed to start training properly again.

It was a small race (100 competitors in the 10k category), so I ended up 10th in my age group, 69th overall.

I felt good, dressed appropriately for the weather, really no complaints at all!

Overall pace was 9:30 minutes/mile (I have successfully transitioned from kilometers to miles, by the way!) or 5:54 minutes/km. I wasn’t sure if I’d make my goal and had a secondary back-up goal of longest distance raced without taking a walk break. I managed to do both! Even during the race, I wasn’t sure I’d make it. I had a 59 minute, 45 second playlist that went a bit strange on me. At the 9 kilometer mark, I still about 3 songs to go, with the last one being 5 minutes long. I am thinking that Google Play did not calculate the length of my playlist correctly! I skipped my playlist to the very last song (Eminem – Lose Yourself – power song!) but I don’t even remember hearing it.

My watch calculated the race as 6.12 miles, but we’ll pretend it was 6.2. Strava won’t let me edit the activity (unlike Garmin Connect), so it hasn’t assigned any trophies to me for my PR. I really do love those Strava Trophies!

I was met at the finish line by my awesome husband and son, cheering me on and snapping pics. I learned from the race director there was a bit of a mishap with the timing chips on the bibs and results were not being posted very timely (or at all for some people!). We decided to leave and I would check my official time online. Then we celebrated with a nice refreshing pint!