It was 3 weeks before surgery and we were on a family summer holiday in Nova Scotia when my eyes start getting really itchy and gritty.  My eyes themselves were not red, but pulling on my lower lid showed some bad inflammation. Derek, my husband, said he could see bumps. We went out and I got some Visine for allergy.  Not improvement. I took my contacts out and tried calling around to some optometrists in the area. I tried 4 different places (we were in a super small town in a super small province) and couldn’t get in.  There were suggestions to go to an emergency room or urgent care centre.  I am of the strong mind that if it’s not an emergency, I don’t belong there, so I just waited to see if it would go away on its own.

I remember having a reaction like this before called giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC). It’s not an eye infection, it’s an irritation or allergic reaction to contacts or more likely contact solution.  Even if you’ve been using the same brand solution for years, it can happen.  I was even in a brand new pair of contacts. Check out some images on google – it’s not pretty! When I had it 15 years ago, it was so bad I needed steroid eye drops. I think it only got so bad because I was too dumb/young/vain to take my contacts out. Anyway, this time, after a few days of no contacts, my eyes felt better.  I decided from that point not to risk it and just wear my glasses until surgery.

Once we got home I figured I better be super safe and go see an optometrist, even though my eyes felt fine. I would have been pretty devastated to have my surgery cancelled because I didn’t have my eyes checked to make sure they were definitely ok.

Good news – my eyes were fine!