Today I got the bandage contact lenses taken out. I was scheduled to go see my regular optometrist instead of back to the laser clinic.  I’m not sure why, and apparently, neither did my optometrist.  In fact, he didn’t even know why I was there.  Once we sorted those details, he checked my vision, removed my contacts, checked my vision again.  He also checked out how my eyes were healing.  My eyes are healing well.  By legal standards in Alberta, you can drive as long as one of your eyes meets a certain level of visual acuity.  My left eye met the standard, but not the right.  I was a little disappointed, but not completely surprised.  I know I’ll get to good vision eventually.  He said I could legally drive, but I should wait a couple of days.  I should mention my son came with me to the exam and after reading the letters, I could see him shaking his head.  Later in the parking lot, he said I mixed up G with O and F with P.  I said at least I didn’t mix up F with something like S.

I came home and put some lubricating drops in. Holy hell did they sting. I was not expecting that. No more protection from the bandage contact lenses anymore! I washed the goop from my eyelashes as the doctor instructed and once that was done, the stinging was done.

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