Day 1:

I woke up feeling a hundred times better than I felt the evening before. I pried my sticky protective eye thingies from my face and started the drops.I slept most of the day, listening to my audiobook off and on. I really love the “sleep timer” feature on audible’s app, pausing the reading at the end of each chapter in case I had fallen asleep (you can also set it for time intervals or at the end of a section).  I didn’t leave my dark room at all (keeping in mind we have an en-suite bathroom).  The burning in my eyes had greatly subsided, but not completely gone.  It was manageable to the point I didn’t need any pain relief. I did take another sleeping pill at bedtime, though. Here I am, modelling my super cool protective eye thingies that I wear to sleep.


Day 2

It was Derek’s birthday and I hadn’t written out his card yet. My vision was really blurry, like looking through saran wrap (I had read others describe this type of vision before). I could hardly write out the card, but I persevered.  I grabbed a glass out of the dishwasher and couldn’t tell if it was clean, it looked like a film all over the glass, but it was my vision. New pain today, all day… tension headache. It was brutal. I ventured outside the dark bedroom and listened to a movie (body faced away from the TV, sunglasses on, eyes closed).  I told Derek he could use this opportunity to watch anything he wanted since I couldn’t watch anyway.  He picked Star Trek – First Contact. He provided some useful descriptive video for me.

Day 3

I realized as I was falling asleep last night that the tension headache was likely from caffeine withdrawal . This was familiar from my pregnancy days. I allowed Derek to make me some coffee in the morning and I was all was better. I ventured out of the house today.  The light sensitivity wasn’t too bad, it helped it was a rainy day. I got tired very quickly. I had to go home and nap after being out for 3 hours. Except I couldn’t nap.  I was exhausted, but couldn’t sleep..  Probably the caffeine.  I listened to a new audiobook on the couch. I couldn’t handle another day in bed.  I allowed myself to have a couple of beers too (my post-op notes said alcohol is ok after 48 hours). One of the highlights of the day was when Derek tossed me a fortune cookie and I caught it. I think he was pretty impressed, too! I was able to watch the movie (another Star Trek one).  I hadn’t planned on watching it, but my vision was great and I was feeling great.

Getting ready for bed, I felt like I needed to take out my contacts because for 30 years I was never supposed to go to bed with vision that good.  For 30 years, if I could see while going to bed, it meant I forgot to take out my contacts or take off my glasses.  It’s an odd feeling going to bed being able to see.

Day 4

A bit blurrier today.  Had a visit from a friend in the morning. Got to shower today (baths only allowed up to this point). Ventured out of the house again, didn’t get exhausted. Feeling good!  Still couldn’t shake the feeling I was forgetting something getting ready for bed.

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