Day 7 – We had an amazing thunderstorm tonight. Derek and I went to bed and we left the blinds open so we could still enjoy the lightning show. I was overcome with happiness to actually be able to see the lightning, whereas normally I would just go to sleep since I couldn’t see anything.

Day 8 – Vision was blurrier today than the last couple of days. Mid-afternoon I noticed my right eye was definitely worse than the left. Then less than an hour later, found the reverse was true.  I had a nap in the evening and it seemed to get better, except the right eye was still definitely worse than the left.  Major feelings of frustration.

Day 9 – Same as yesterday.  Clearly better in my left eye. I’m in the stage right now where I’m scared this will be as good as it gets.

Day 10 – Feeling really down about the blurry vision. Derek has been amazing trying to cheer me up.

Day 11 – Yesterday and today I decreased my screen time, considering maybe the eye strain was holding up my progress.  Today I also drank as much water as I could. I thought maybe over the weekend my eyes were worse as we tend to drink alcohol over the weekend and maybe I was dehydrated. By about noon, my eyes were feeling clearer. By evening, I felt my vision was very good.

Day 12 – Maybe not as good as last night so far, but I think the vision is in the not-bad range. I still don’t feel comfortable driving safely.

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