Day 13 post PRK eye surgery: I threw out all my old contact lens cases and solution (not pictured: one case, which I found later). It was pretty anti-climactic. Today started out a bit rocky.  It was my second outdoor run since the surgery and my vision got really blurry.  It was pretty unsettling, but at the same time, I chalked it up to running against the wind.  I put in lubricating drops as soon as I got home and everything was better. I started researching sunglasses for running immediately. My optometrist told me I didn’t need to wear sunglasses while running since I would have UV protection from my contact lenses.  I am seriously considering changing optometrists because that just sounds like bad advice.  As the day progressed, I found my vision quite good. I did a test with an app I found (I know, probably not the most accurate) and determined I had 20/15 vision (which is better than 20/20, FYI) when reading with both eyes. The right eye at the 20/40 mark, so it’s the left eye doing a lot of work.

I go back to work tomorrow, which I had been worrying about. My vision has been ok for for every day things, watching TV. surfing the web on my iPad or phone, but when I get on my laptop, I have the zoom way up on web browsers and the resolution very low.  Even with those accommodations in place, I had been struggling with text not seeming dark enough or getting frustrated by having to zoom in every time I loaded a new page.  I do a lot of remote screen-sharing during my work day, so I worry about not being able to see someone else’s screen well enough.  I also worry about annoying customers or co-workers with my “visually accessible” screen.  Today seems a bit better, so I am feeling better than I did yesterday about it.