One month post surgery and things are going great. I’m done all my medicated eye drops. Pre-surgery, I was really excited for all the eye drops, but after a month, I was bored with them. Plus they make your eyelashes clump together.

One of the things I was excited for, which was being able to see when I wake up, hasn’t been that exciting. Maybe it’s because I need lubricating eye drops as soon as I get up. Surprisingly, what’s awesome is going to bed being able to see. It makes me smile every night.

Last time I posted, I was worried about how my eyes would handle work and staring at a computer all day. I didn’t need my zoom as high as expected and didn’t need all the accessibility options I turned on. So I spent a bit of time readjusting all my settings. I cranked my humidifier, made a conscious effort not to drink as much coffee (down to 1 a day from 2-3), drinking 2-3 litres of water a day and made sure I had eye drops nearby and used them when things got fuzzy. 

I didn’t have problems until this past week (around day 28-29), which was after about 2 weeks of being back to work.  A few projects I had been assigned to require a fair bit of attention to detail. I was spending a lot of time reading reports that are full of coded language… Basically a report that shows what someone will be paid and all the detail of how the program came to determine how much the person is paid and where the money is coming from in the organization’s budget (which tends to be a 10-20 digit number).  I spent hours poring over these reports, changing settings and re-running the reports.

My eyes felt so strained by the end of the day. They just felt sore and hot. I spent as much time in the evening just resting my eyes.  The next morning back to work, I still felt that strain, so I decided I would stick to all my prearranged meetings, but wouldn’t do any extra work, just to give my eyes a break. I also fashioned a mini-freezie wrapped in a paper towel to hold over one eye at a time to help with my eyes feeling hot.

Things still get fuzzy when my eyes are dry, so I carry eye drops everywhere. I have noticed my eyes aren’t drying out while running, which is great. I’ve also just noticed is that my eyes don’t seem to adjust in the dark as quickly. On the bright side, my vision is pretty awesome, generally.

I’m going for an eye exam in a couple days, so I will know for sure where things are at.